What is difference Shiny Gold and Shiny Brass?

difference shiny gold and shiny brass

Since shiny brass is so similar to shiny gold, you must be puzzled with similar color and don’t know how to distinguish them.

Shiny gold plating on its own does not give a bright finish. the brightness depends upon the basic brightness of the base metal. for this usually a bright nickel/sulphamate nickel undercoat is given prior to gold plating.

Gold is a very lightful color. It seems to appear yellow. However, brass seems to be rusty with a little green, looking like bronze. It is mixed with many colors like yellow, white, black, blue and dye yellow. These two similar colors can be distinguish from side if you watch carefully.

Effect: Shiny gold will give your products more showy and attractive side. And it will be used in the large area. While shiny brass seems to a kind of low-pitched beauty. The round of custom medals are used more frequently. Both can present the effect of gold medals. Gold plated is of higher quality. and the color paste is more like gold . Brass finish is not the color of gold. Choosing brass is due to its cheap price. If it is used as a large number of cheap souvenirs, we recommend the use of brass plating. If it’s an important match or a souvenir request is high, we recommend shiny gold finish.

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