What Difference between Shiny Black Nickel and Dye Black?

Shiny Black Nickel and Dye Black
Shiny Black Nickel and Dye Black

Black Dye on your next race medals are sure to impress your race participants.The dye creates a semi-shiny metal finish that works well with paint fill in text and graphics and makes your colors really pop! however you must be puzzled with similar color and don’t know how to distinguish between shiny black nickel and dye black finish?

Black Nickel is electrolytic nickel plating with a secondary treatment to turn the surface black. This plating will provide corrosion resistance and maintain electrical conductivity while reducing reflectivity on the surface. The surface of the product is covered with a thin layer of black metal. Although the metal is black, the reflection of the metal surface makes the product look brighter rather than a pure black color. Shiny black nickel is a dark grey color and can reflect lights slightly. Black nickel is an alloy of nickel, zinc and nickel sulfide. It’s also lighter, cheaper and more shiny than silver.

Dye black is bright and doesn’t tarnish. Its color is close to aterrimus. It is water-proof. Black is sprayed with a layer of black pigment that does not reflect light and does not have a metallic sheen, so the color is pure black.

Effect: The medals products that use shiny black nickel will have texture and more delicate. Black nickel are used in some soft enamel medals. The use of black nickel and dye black depends on personal preference, if you want your medals products to be black, then you definitely choose dye black. But you should notice that hard enamel crafts can only do black nickel not dye black.

Black Metal Finish
Shiny Black Nickel

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